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Do you have Windows 2000 or XP, and Microsoft Word 2000 or better?
If so, you already have a great Hebrew word processor!

Look at our font page for details!

Do you have Windows 2000 or XP but not Microsoft Office?

You can download a free Office suite for Windows that supports Hebrew along with our Unicode fonts!

Email us for details!

Accent Express Word Processor Auto-Nikud Modern Hebrew
Premium Multilingual Word-processing for People Who Use More than Just English. Multilingual menus and dialog boxes in 20 languages. Point and click on a single icon for changeable interface in Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish or Turkish. Import and Export from RTF and ASCII documents, Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro, Excel, Lotus123 and other applications. 55 fully interactive online keymaps in three sizes (small, medium and large). 40 True Type fonts for 7 character sets: Western and Eastern European, Cyrillic, Turkish, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew. Bi-directional Languages - Arabic and Hebrew. Price: $29.95 Imagine the ease of adding Nikud (VOWELS) to Hebrew text. With this stand alone program you simply open your file from any of the popular Hebrew word processors and paste into Auto Nikud. The program will AUTOMATICALLY do the work by adding vowels to the text for you. Whenever it comes across a question of how to MENAKAID it stops and offers you a choice. This amazing program will certainly save lots of man hours at the keyboard and will dramatically increase the accuracy of your texts. This is a life saver, a must have program! Price: $189.95
Windows Windows
Dagesh Pro Word Processing & Publishing Dagesh Pro OCR
Exciting 4 CD-ROM Hebrew-English Publishing Pack. Hypertext Footnotes, Automatic Vowels, Judaic Clipart, Hundreds of Photos of Israel, Bundled Cliptext, Interactive Bi-Directional Talking Dictionary and much, much more!
Price: $189.95
Dagesh Pro OCR (Optical character recognition) gives the user the ability to translate images of characters (faxes, books, magazines, newspaper articles...) into editable text. OCR is used by writers, lawyers, teachers, students, publishers, engineers, real estate brokers, governmental staffs, journalists - anybody who wants to save time and increase accuracy by taking a printed document and putting some or all of it into their computer in editable form without having to do the retyping themselves. Price: $399.95
Windows Windows
Dagesh Translator Dagesh Xtras 150True Type Fonts
Imagine, you want to translate a Hebrew book, paragraph or sentence into English or an English book, paragraph or sentence into Hebrew... This amazing program should be your FIRST CHOICE. It will save thousands of man-hours, and also give you the ability to express yourself better by taking advantage of the on-line language tools built right into the program. HOW IT WORKS... Simply copy your document out of Dagesh or Word... it works with most premium wordprocessors... Then Paste it into Dagesh Translator Pro... The program will instantly translate the document from Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew. Price: $89.95 In this package you will find a wide variety of professionally designed and original Hebrew True Type fonts. Classic, Designer, Script, and Cartoon Hebrew True Type fonts for both the Hebrew and the English operating systems on Windows. These Dagesh Fonts will ensure that what you write... gets read!
Price: $89.95
Windows Windows
Dagesh Xtras Templates & Graphics  
Dagesh Xtras is a complete Library of professional templates and graphics for all occasions. Bar/Bat Mitzvah cards, thank you notes, invitations, seating, party announcements, engagements, weddings, holiday cards...many templates for every occassion with just the right words, attractive graphic design and layout that will save you hundreds of hours. Priced right and designed for easy access using Dagesh Wordprocessor.
Price: $39.95
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