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3D Space Arcade - $29.95 ArtScrollís Alef To Tav - $39.95
3D Space Arcade combines the cutting edge of gaming graphics and action with Torah Questions. Designed for ages 7 - Adult this series of Space Games will challenge even the most seasoned game players. Hours of fun and Torah Learning for extra good measure. Alef to Tav is more than just another program. It is a landmark development in Hebrew Software. Developed in Israel by a highly motivated team of experts in education and multimedia it brings together the best of education and entertainment and forges a powerful teaching tool.
Windows Windows Macintosh
Alef Bet Word Book - $39.95 Avner Travels In Time - $29.95
After Alef to Tav you are really ready for the next step... This delightful program will in a very short time teach you Hebrew Vocabulary... It will permit you to speak and sound like a native. Absolutely beautiful graphics, music and lots of educational fun. Do you have what it takes? Go back in time and discover the amazing history of the Jewish people. Help Avner and Yehuda the Maccabee defeat the mighty Greek army. Speak and interact with all types of characters along the narrow streets and alleyways of Old Jerusalem. Get to know who is who and what life was like back then.
Windows Macintosh Windows
Avner and Brachot - $29.95 Bible Quiz - $29.95
Avner & Blessings is an interactive multimedia educational adventure guaranteed to entertain and educate. Start out by meeting the characters who accompany you throughout the adventure on the Blessed Islands.

Avner is a brave little boy who is lost and needs your help. You will also meet the wise old owl, who will give timely advice to help through the adventure. Each Island teaches blessings through 3D interactive games that are challenging, enjoyable and educational.

Bible Quiz is an entertaining game that will enhance and improve your understanding of the Bible. It includes over 4000 questions on the Bible, in a multiple-choice, game format, for 1-5 players.

The quiz can be played at three different levels - beginner, advanced and scholar, ensuring that everyone in the family will get a real Bible Workout.

Windows Macintosh Windows
Family Bible Rhymes - $29.95 Itís Time to Learn Alef Bet - $39.95
At Bible Land Software in Jerusalem, a dedicated staff of artists, animators, musicians and programmers labored to perfect a multi-media Bible program. Their goal was to write a program for the whole family that transmits love, devotion and Bible Values. The artists sat out in the Judean Hills to sketch and capture the sounds, and sights of the Holy Land. Jerusalem, Mt. Zion and Mt. Olives all helped inspire them while creating this most enchanting Multi-media experience. About Alef Bet trainer is an indispensable tool for learning Hebrew letters, vowels, and proper pronunciation. It is fully interactive and easily captures and maintains your childís interest. Alef Bet Trainer teaches your child in an easy to follow step by step process of letter identification including distinctions in different but similar and often confused letters.
Windows Macintosh Windows Macintosh
Mitzvah Man - $29.95 Torah Tots Live - $29.95
Save the Mitzva Man... This amazing program will help you absorb over 1000 important Jewish Concepts and Laws... while having fun. Torah Tots Live! Interactive Jewish Educational Entertainment Ages: 4-9 Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95.
Windows Windows
Torah Rhymes And Riddles - $19.95  
About Torah Rhymes and Riddles comes to life on CD-ROM... Your children will be enchanted as they learn the Torah through two hours of action packed entertaining instruction... Combining Original Music & Graphics...  Select the Automatic pilot and it will guide your youngster through the entire program... Older children can navigate through the program and answer the Rhymes and Riddles themselves...
Windows Macintosh
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