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SmartStart Hebrew - $49.95 Portrait of Israel - $29.95

Smart Start - Hebrew Hebrew Language Training System for Adults Ages: 10-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and higher Online

Join David Rubing er, Israel's award wining TIME-LIFE Photographer as he takes you behind the scenes of 50 years of Israel's modern history. David masterfully captures Israel's joys, and sorrows with sensitivity, creativity and emotion, that will make you laugh and cry at once! Re-live history, as he tells the untold stories behind his History making photos.
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Mishkan - $39.95 Megilat Esther - $29.95
The Mishkan CD was de signed to make a difficult and challenging topic easy to understand. Each year thousands upon thousands of students study and get tested on the Mishkan and in the end most would like to REALLY KNOW what happened. This CD does exactly that, it clears up the grey areas, and doubts as to what the Mishkan really looked like, and how it was put together. The Story behind the Story... Learn the Megilla like never before using the Power of Multimedia Technology...
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Let’s Keep Kosher - $39.95 Judaic Bookshelf Master Library - $199.95
Lets Keep Kosher is a multimedia teaching and study tool on the subject of Kashrut (Jewish Dietary Law). It covers 14 topics and has quizzes and games that review and reinforce the material taught in the program. About Amazing technology puts a full Judaic Library on a single CD-ROM. Imagine the Tanach and 24 Bible Commentaries, Talmud Bavli and Commentaries as well as most key Halachic and Aggadic works including the Zohar, all instantly searchable, accessible and printable.
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It’s Time to Learn Alef Bet - $39.95 Jerusalem Dictionary - $69.95
Alef Bet trainer is an indispensable tool for learning Hebrew letters, vowels, and proper pronunciation. It is fully interactive and easily captures and maintains your child’s interest. Alef Bet Trainer teaches your child in an easy to follow step by step process of letter identification including distinctions in different but similar and often confused letters.   From the main screen, the power of the product is readily apparent. You can spell-check and translate a word, browse the dictionary, cross-check a translation, view synonyms, antonyms, tense and more. As a standalone program, simply type in a word and its translations appear.
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Jewish Time - $29.95 Heritage Video - $99.95
Worlds most advanced Jewish Calendar The Why & When of Jewish Holidays Rosh Chodesh & Holiday Tracker Electronic reminders What to pray, what to say, on which day Never miss a birthday or anniversary! E-Z Scheduling - Organizing - Tracking Nine one hour programs on three DVDs plus an interactive DVD-ROM. Heritage: Civilization and the Jews is the monumental nine-part series hosted by former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Abba Eban. This epic production from public television station Thirteen/WNET New York traces the history of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, telling their story as part of the broader history of Western civilization
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Hebew WordQuest - $24.95 Hebrew Tutor - $39.95
Words, Vocabulary, are the tools we use to communicate. Our ability to express ourselves is essential to our success. These two programs will teach you new vocabulary in Modern Hebrew and Tanach Hebrew. By playing with the absorb thousands of new words into your Hebrew Vocabulary. This program is ideal for teachers to use in building class Vocabulary and Definition assignments. All word search puzzles can be customized and printed! You don't have to be going to Israel to be interested in Hebrew Tutor. Hebrew Tutor teaches over a thousand words used in Tanach and daily Hebrew conversation. Just imagine how good it feels to control a 1000 word Hebrew vocabulary. One thousand words in Hebrew is a lot, after all most of us don't use that many different English words in the course of a days conversation!
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Encyclopedia Talmudit - $389.95 Gemara Tutor - $29.95
Twenty years of research on a single CD. This is a must have program. It will save you hours of searching on any research project. It will give you instant access to authoritative and accurate information. About The program teaches words and concepts of Gemara in a way that the student is not forced to remember a long boring list of words. Let the computer handle the boring work, let the student face the challenge. The challenge of playing against the computer encourages the students to outdo the computer.
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Gemara Buddy Eilu Metzios - $29.95 EZ Hebrew Phrases - $39.95
Gemara Buddy - the perfect way to learn and review Gemara – Ideal tool for beginners. With Gemara Buddy you don't only see the page of Gemara in its traditional format, you hear it explained in simple English. Just click anywhere on the page and – presto – the lesson begins. About E-Z Hebrew Phrases is the product that you've been waiting for. Over 1000 phrases in 60 chosen categories, designed to give the user the vocabulary and speaking abilities needed to converse in modern day Hebrew. Both the beginner and advanced Hebrew speaker will benefit with their choice of Male or Female voices and speed settings that customize the learning to the users needs. The instant look-up dictionary is invaluable for finding just what you want to say.
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Encyclopedia Judaica for Youth & Family - $59.95 Family Bible Rhymes - $29.95
The ideal database for every Jewish Home. Includes a wealth of timely information. The CD will help everyone on just about every Judaic subject. Great for doing reports and research. Includes HUNDREDS of color and Black and white photos, plus a collection of Jewish music throughout the ages. You'll find yourself constantly going back to this precious CD. At Bible Land Software in Jerusalem, a dedicated staff of artists, animators, musicians and programmers labored to perfect a multi-media Bible program. Their goal was to write a program for the whole family that transmits love, devotion and Bible Values. The artists sat out in the Judean Hills to sketch and capture the sounds, and sights of the Holy Land. Jerusalem, Mt. Zion and Mt. Olives
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Bible Quiz - $29.95 Cycles of Jewish Life Israel Museum - $99.95
Bible Quiz is an entertaining game that will enhance and improve your understanding of the Bible. It includes over 4000 questions on the Bible, in a multiple-choice, game format, for 1-5 players. The quiz can be played at three different levels - beginner, advanced and scholar, ensuring that everyone in the family will get a real 'Bible Workout.' It can be played in either English or Hebrew, and all questions are keyed to specific Bible references. The Israel Museum, Cycles of Jewish Life Double CD-ROM Collection, Cycle of the Jewish Year, Cycle of Jewish Life Ages: 12-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and higher, Mac OS
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Discover Jerusalem - $29.95 Bar Ilan Study Buddy - $69.95
Discover Jerusalem is a multimedia experience... Join us as we uncover the rich history and secrets behind this most sought after city for the past 3000 years. Come discover your heritage in Jerusalem... About Increase your productivity: Bar Ilan University has included SMART LINKS throughout the database. These links permit you to surf through pages of related material instantly... it gives you the complete picture, all the information you need to properly research & study. Increase your comprehension:
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Bar Mitzvah Tutor — Shemos - $49.95 Beit HaMikdash - $49.95
Bar Mitzvah Tutor - All Five Books A Professional Bar Mitzvah Training Tool. (Also Individual Books click here) Ages: 10-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and higher About This outstanding 3D multimedia CD-ROM is a UNIQUE learning experience. Through the combination of graphics, videos and true 3D technology, you learn by doing. The CD permits you to explore on your own the vast stretches of the Temple Plaza. Go ahead, visit the different Chambers... Rooms...
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Avner Travels In Time - $29.95 Avner and Brachot - $29.95
Do you have what it takes? Go back in time and discover the amazing history of the Jewish people. Help Avner and Yehuda the Maccabee defeat the mighty Greek army. Speak and interact with all types of characters along the narrow streets and alleyways of Old Jerusalem. Get to know who is who and what life was like back then. About Avner & Blessings is an interactive multimedia educational adventure guaranteed to entertain and educate. Start out by meeting the characters who accompany you throughout the adventure on the Blessed Islands. Avner is a brave little boy who is lost and needs your help. You will also meet the wise old owl, who will give timely advice to help through the adventure.
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Bar Ilan Judaic Library version 10+ - $895.95 Alef Bet Word Book - $39.95
About Simple to use... Yet more powerful than anything that exists... Access and search... Centuries of scholarship & wisdom in a split second... View Original Hebrew Text, & Commentaries at once! HYPER-LINKS throughout make this CD a most productive tool for research... Everything Printable... After Alef to Tav you are really ready for the next step... This delightful program will in a very short time teach you Hebrew Vocabulary... It will permit you to speak and sound like a native. Absolutely beautiful graphics, music and lots of educational fun. Torah Educational Software and ArtScroll are proud to offer you tomorrows technology... today!
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Alef To Tav - $39.95 Torah Rhymes And Riddles - $19.95
Alef to Tav is more than just another program. It is a landmark development in Hebrew Software. Developed in Israel by a highly motivated team of experts in education and multimedia it brings together the best of education and entertainment and forges a powerful teaching tool. For young pre-schoolers or those trying to crack the Hebrew Torah Rhymes and Riddles comes to life on CD-ROM... Your children will be enchanted as they learn the Torah through two hours of action packed entertaining instruction... Combining Original Music & Graphics... They will be treated to the finest computer programming... Select the Automatic pilot and it will guide your youngster through the entire program...
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Bar Mitzvah Tutor – Kol Kore - $159.95 Encyclopedia Judaica — Full - $349.95
Bar Mitzvah Tutor - All Five Books A Professional Bar Mitzvah Training Tool. (Also Individual Books click here) Ages: 10-Adult Media: CD-ROM Version: Windows 95 and higher All 26 volumes integrated into a unified text - plus updated text, new features articles, powerful search capabilities, interactive timeline, full multimedia program, all on one CD!
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