Accent Express

Product Accent Express
PlatformWindows or Windows 95
Video RequirementsWindows
Hebrew vowel/trop support Good
Printer support All Windows supported printers
Scalable fontsYes
Number of fonts7 Hebrew (many other languages)
Graphics supportImport, size
Style sheets / templates Yes
Tables Yes
Columns Yes
Macros No
Table of contents/ indexing No
Hebrew Spell Check? No
Languages supportedHebrew, English, Russian, Greek, all Western European
What You See is What You Get?Yes
Font compatibility Hebrew Windows
Open multiple files Yes
Suitable for:
Letter writing Yes
College thesisMaybe
Newsletter Maybe
Book No (no table of contents, footnotes)
Yiddish Support No
NotesGood all-around product for not-too-heavy jobs; reads Dagesh files and many other word processors, Word-like style sheets and button bars, company working on neat Internet strategy